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Taiwan Wonderful Group announced today that it has donated 100,000 medical mask made with Wonderful ACT antibacterial and antiviral “highest level”materials to South India, where the epidemic is severe

The monastery has a total of 3780 monks. According to the information provided by the president of the “Taiwan Seraj Buddhist Association” Ya Yaning last Saturday night, three monks in the Seraj Monastery have been infected with CoVID19 and the outbreak of the epidemic in the temple has occurred. The situation is tense. The donation of these masks by Wonderful group is not only the “Just in time”epidemic prevention equipment, but also the most effective way of preventing the second spread of viruses in the temple,  Wonderful Group stated that in India, such cluster infection incidents have emerged one after another. It is extremely important to use the right methods and protective measures. This is no longer a business issue but a heavy appeal that must be made in the face of conscience and social responsibility.


ACTife Hi Tech, a subsidiary of the Wonderful Group, which is responsible for the production and sales of the novel mask products, stated that the CoVID19 epidemic in India has been out of control. In a high-risk environment where a high proportion of people are infected, even wearing medical masks that generally do not have antibacterial and antiviral capabilities still pose a high risk. Based on this recognition, Wonderful Group realizes its responsibilities and obligations. Therefore, Wonderful ACT silver-copper-titanium sputtering medical mask, which was newly developed and produced in Feb. of this year will be provided with a supply of 100,000pcs. The film came out to prevent the continued spread of group infections in the temple, and to provide mask wearers with the highest level of protection.


ACTife Hi Tech also stated that the surface and inner layers of these 100,000 pieces of masks are all sputtered with antibacterial and antiviral materials from Wonderful ACT. This is a physical antibacterial and antiviral material that makes the masks bacterial & virus free from both the surface and the inside. This can effectively stop the second spread of viruses. In the crowded environment of high infection risk temple, if ordinary non-antibacterial medical masks are still used, it will cause the mask to be easily contaminated by viruses that are widely distributed in the air. The unavoidable pull down/up and contact adjustments on face masks allow the virus present on the surface of the mask to spread to other interfaces through touching the hands. Not only will it infect yourself, but it can also spread the viruses to others via handles, knobs, buttons, coins, paper and various public goods. This can cause an exponential growth on number of infected cases.

Chang, Min-Le, chairman of the Wonderful Group, also called on the domestic and foreign governments and the health and epidemic prevention authorities to pay more attention to this principle immediately. That is to say, “The most effective epidemic prevention is to eliminate the virus from the source – i.e., the surface on face masks”. For this reason, Chairman Chang urged that “Effective epidemic prevention is to use antibacterial and antiviral masks”. In such a severe situation in India, under this life-threatening reality, we must call on everyone to wear antibacterial and antiviral medical face masks. Wonderful Group will start with the Seraj Monastery in India, where the epidemic is severe and then call for all medical personnel and public service personnel in China, India and the world who are exposed to relatively high risks to wear antibacterial and antiviral medical face masks for immediate and effective protection. We ought to launch all efforts that can possibly slow down virus from spreading.


According to reporter’s investigation with ACTife Hi Tech. executives, the mechanism of Wonderful ACT silver-copper-titanium sputtering mask material has been scientifically proven. This mechanism is all about the surface area free radicals generated by ACT nanoparticles planted into the material can massively activate the antibacterial antiviral efficiency by more than 100,000 times than the efficiency using traditional chemical way. But for the sake of prudence, ACTife Hi Tech also sent the Wonderful ACT sputtered mask materials to impartial third-party inspection agencies for SARS-CoVID-2 antiviral experiments. The result showed significant antiviral effects. The virus activity was reduced by more than 90% within 2 hours of contacting. It shows exceptional performance of Wonderful ACT than almost of the other materials in solid format. In the meantime, the material is also proven to reach a perfect score on cytotoxicity, skin sensitivity, irritation, and in-body toxicity tests. These are also the main reason why physical antibacterial and antiviral mechanism is better than chemical antibacterial technology in the impact on the human body.