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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Policies of Use

1.  User and member details

      To register an account, you need to provide your correct and legal email and personal info, and set your own password. After you have registered, you will use the same email and password to log in, and you will be able to start shopping on ACTife website and receive services.

      Please keep the email and password that you use to registered properly, do not share or let anyone else use your account. All the actions that’s been done under the account are regarded as the actions of the account holder, and the account holder should be fully responsible.

      If you find that your account has been fraudulently used, please contact us immediately, and provide proof at the same time. We will immediately suspend the transactions and the subsequent use after we have received your notice.

      Non-members cannot enjoy free shipping and VIP discounts.

      The ACTife official website will stop our services when any of the following situations occur. We will notify our members when the website is down, except for emergencies.

A.    Carry out the necessary maintenance and construction of the electronic communication equipment of ACTife.

B.    Sudden failure of electronic communication equipment.

C.    Difficult to provide service due to the electronic communication service applied by ACTife has been suspended.

D.   ACTife cannot provide service due to natural disasters and other force majeure factors.

      ACTife reserves the right to modify these terms of use. The modified terms will be published on the website without notifying the users individually. Users should agree to abide by the revised terms.


2.  Payment and Shipping

      We accept the following payment methods:

      Pay by credit card online.

      Pick up and pay in convenient stores.

      Cash on delivery.

      We provide 3 delivery methods to main and outlying islands, which are mailing, pick up at 7-11, and pick-up at family mart. Please contact our customer service for shopping from other countries.

      Shipping time will depend on the actual stocks we have. Items that are in stock will be shipped in 3 business days (not including holidays) after ordering, but the delivery time will still be based on the process of the logistics company. Or you can contact us to confirm your order status.


3. About the receipt

       The receipt will be attached in the package, please keep it properly. If you have any issue to the package, please provide the receipt for the customer service to inquire.


       If you need two-part or three-part receipt, please add a note when ordering, so that it’ll be easier for the accounting staff to process.


4. Privacy policy

ACTife respects your personal privacy on the internet, so we’ve formulated the following protection policies according to the “Personal Data Protection Law”.

       Personal info security

We will never share member’s personal info to any third party who has nothing to do with our company without the consent of the members. However, the members should still properly keep their account and password info.


       Collecting,processing and use of personal data

The personal data we obtain is only used internally and in accordance with the stated purpose and scope, in order to provide you with more services and discounts. We will not provide the information to third parties or use it for other purposes unless we’ve stated in advance or in accordance with relevant laws.


A.    Collecting purpose

-         Marketing

-         Managing or providing service for customers.

-         Statistics and research analysis

-         For online shopping, other e-commerce services, and surveys,we will collect customer’s personal info by the process of joining member,transactions, and other business needs that meet the registration items.


B.    The right of member with personal info

The party who collect personal info may exercise the following rights in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law:

-         Inquiry or request to read.

-         Request to make copies.

-         Request for supplement or correction.

-         Request to stop collecting, processing or utilization.

-         Request to delete.

If the member wants to exercise the above rights, they can contact our customer service. However, you won’t be able to join the membership if you refuse to provide the necessary information.


       Protecting the information

We will prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing all member information, and provide complete personal information confidentiality education to internal personnel. If a third party must been trusted to provide services due to business execution, the company will strictly require them to observe confidentiality obligations.


       Use of Cookies

In order to provide you with a more complete and personalized browsing service, Cookies can enable the information system to identify user data for ease of use or statistical analysis of browsing patterns to improve services. This website may use Cookies to record and analyze your use of this website.


       Amendment of privacy protection policy

This policy will be appropriately modified in response to regulatory amendments or other environments and demand changes. We will not notify members individually, but the modified terms will be announced on our official website immediately.


5. Right to modify the terms of service

       ACTife reserves the right to modify these terms of use. The modified terms will be published on the website without notifying the users individually. When you start receiving services and ordering on the website, it is deemed that you  have agreed to the modification.


       The transaction between you and the company

Both parties agree to use electronic documents as the representation method, and the product name,price, content, specification, model and other related information displayed on the product transaction page are part of the contract.


       The terms and the names of various titles are used only to facilitate understanding and identification.If all or part of the terms are invalid, it will not affect the validity of other terms.

6. Competent court

The interpretation,supplementation and application of these terms are governed by the laws of Republic of China. For litigation arising from these terms, unless otherwise provided by law, both parties agree that the Taipei District Court in Taiwan shall be the court of first instance jurisdiction.