Social responsibility for environmental sustainability

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear. ” -- Franklin D. Roosevelt

【Enterprise Wise Prototype】

We are afraid of the increasingly severe epidemic and environmental destruction, but we are still brave enough to do what others dare not to do under fear – adhere to the concept of environmental protection and sustainability. We insist that epidemic prevention does not need to damage or pollute the environment and humans by using non chemical methods, therefore, we use our wisdom and what we’ve learned to develop physical antibacterial technologies that maintain environmental sustainability. We fight the epidemic by using methods and products that can be reused for a long time without using chemicals. Our ultimate insistence is to provide a physical epidemic prevention and cleaning technology that are eco-friendly and harmless to human health.

【Business Vision】

We are proposing a plan to eliminate the carbon footprint of all products and put it into action. First, we measure the emissions of all substances during the life cycle from raw materials to product. Next, we are trying our best to use natural or recycled materials to reduce the impact of the emissions on the environment. Finally, we use the remaining carbon emissions into the carbon offset plan to give back to our environment and society. Our goal is to build a carbon neutral company, of course, we never give up our ideals, to build a sustainable business with zero carbon emissions, we must get ahead and stick to our philosophy to fulfill our responsibility to the environment.

【ACTife Material Design and Selection Concept】

Environmental sustainability is always our first priority in selecting materials for ACTife, we insist on using the following priority order to do so.

First priority: Biodegradable materials (100%green and sustainable materials)

Second priority: Recycled material (used as sputtering substrates for antibacterial and antiviral products, 100% recyclable materials)

Special use: Non-toxic artificial functional materials (only used on the outer layer of surgical masks to prevent splashing blood. <fluorine free, waterproof> non-toxic, non-irritating, human friendly, and non-recyclable materials.)

Biodegradable material is also a kind of bio-based material, which comes from non-petroleum renewable resources. Natural is when we return the used materials back to the environment, and the material can be restored to become part of the natural cycle later on, (such as materials like water, CO2, and inorganic substances that can be integrated into nature) for example, it becomes a natural component of the soil.

The natural fibers we use come from natural cotton, pineapple leaves, various trees, corn, etc., oyster shells and coffee grounds are the best examples. Most of these materials are polymers from plants, animals, and microorganisms.


In ACTife, over 85% of biodegradable materials are used as substrates, the benefits of these materials are skin-friendly, non-toxic, comfortable, and most importantly, the contribution to eco-friendliness and ecological sustainability.

Since the physical ACT sputtering, which has the antibacterial function, must perform on fiber with lower water content, we have added up to 15% of ACTife antibacterial and antiviral fiber according to our requirements for the strength of the product’s antibacterial function. Under the restriction that biodegradable materials cannot be used, we use recycled PET, although these materials are originally derived from petroleum and other raw materials that cause environmental damage, we must recycle them due to the fact that they already exist, in order to reduce environmental pollution caused by this kind of waste.

Up to 15% recycled (man-made) PET fiber, and at least 85% of biodegradable (natural recyclable non-petroleum-based) bio-based fiber, after blending then weaving to form various fabrics, that’s the materials used by ACTife. These materials are 100% recyclable and renewable, which does not cause any harm to the environment, and does not irritate the skin. Its non-toxic, skin-friendly, and natural property, plus the zero chemical substance coated and antibacterial interface created by the physical sputtering process, not only is there no need to worry about the harm of chemical precipitation to the human body, but it can also alleviate the sustainability crisis faced by the earth under the current human living environment being heavily polluted by detergents and various chemical agents.