From the steps of the new coronavirus infection to illustrate the importance of immune system maintenance

Regarding the “abnormal response of the human immune system to the new coronavirus”, we can find some permanent cures to strengthen our immune system and avoid being harmed by the virus. Summarizing the ways in which the new coronavirus breaks through the defenses of the human immune system, we found that:

1. The innate non-specific immune system fails to detect the invasion of viruses early, causing the following phenomena:

  • As a result of delayed response, initial infections and later inflammatory storms and severe deaths were caused.
  • Overreaction of the neutrophil extracellular network (NET) produced by the neutrophil.

2. Acquired specific immune system abnormalities, resulting in a substantial decrease in the number of T cells in the blood.

  • It should originally be an adaptive immune response that stimulates T cell replication. After a period of infection, it will go and fight the virus, but due to the adaptive immune system is not healthy enough, it may cause the disappearance of T cells in the blood vessels and cause severe illness because “the bone marrow cannot produce enough T cells to produce precursor cells” or “virus may kill T cells” and other factors.
  • Originally, T cells should be called by dendritic cells to move from the lymph to the location of the infected cells. However, due to insufficient T cells in the blood, although T cells can still be found at the infected spot, there are too few of them carried through the blood to the affected area, resulting in severe illness and death.

From the above two points, we can find that the innate immune system plays a key role in “early infection” and “susceptibility to weak antigenic virus invasion”, the early immune response of the new coronavirus is extremely important. In addition, the smooth blood circulation also allows the acquired adaptive immune system to function normally, which in turn allows the number of T cells to proliferate normally and form antibodies. This not only allows the virus in the body to be suppressed by the immune system in a timely manner, but also greatly improves the efficiency and durability of the vaccine’s antibody production.

We all know that the cure for the new coronavirus is to prevent and vaccinate, but the health of the immune system is the key to preventing infection. How to maintain the innate non-specific immune system and the acquired adaptive specific immune system, we propose the following methods as a reference.

1. Improve immunity

We often hear that exercise can improve the body’s immunity. This statement is divided into two parts. On the surface, what everyone knows is that “exercise promotes blood circulation, speeds up the body’s metabolism, and improves immunity”, because “accelerated metabolism can improve immunity” is a popular view, readers are advised to find and learn information from various related studies. However, what is really overlooked is that excessive exercise has caused inappropriate inflammation in the body and impaired the functioning of the normal immune system.

What we are curious about is, what is moderate exercise?

From the perspective of maintaining the immune system, exercise accelerates blood circulation/ human metabolism without causing excessive burden on the body and causing inflammation (or only a slight inflammation response), which is the most appropriate way to enhance immunity, it can also be explained as a continuous increase of life activity in the body. When life activities increase, immunity will naturally increase, therefore, moderate exercise is the best way to maintain the immune system.


2. Accelerate life activities and promote the function of the immune system

Life activity is the energy and heat emitted by the resonance between cells in the body. This resonance activity depends on the intensity and continuity of life light waves with wavelengths of 6 to 14 microns. We should try our best to achieve the wave band of this far infrared life light when exercising. We have found that Chinese people have two extremely contrasting traditional methods of health care. Some people say that health preservation is through exercise, while others say that it is through meditation and breathing fact, the purpose of the two is to produce enough life activities in the human body. Let the immune system receive the best care and maintenance to resist the invasion of foreign enemies.

Traditional Chinese Qigong allows practitioners to generate cell resonance through the qi in the body. Even without explicit movement, the circulation of qi and blood can be accelerated. Although running, swimming, playing ball and other sports can also achieve the goal of accelerating the circulation of blood, at the same time there is a risk of muscle inflammation during exercise. Soreness after exercise is the specific manifestation of inflammation.

Westerners want to achieve muscle exercise and human body load improvement through a lot of fitness and exercise. However, the effect of this method on immunity improvement has not much of a difference from meditation and breathing exercise, but improper exercise has a long-term hidden risk of inflammatory reactions to the immune system. This time the new coronavirus is not particularly selective for westerners who are physically strong, and it further confirms our views on immune system health.

3. The far-infrared rays produced by Nano silver copper can enhance immunity more than exercise

In fact, to improve immunity, what really needs is the continuity of the far-infrared rays of life in the body and maintain sufficient intensity. Although it can be achieved by proper exercise, it is still an important issue that cannot be ignored for the elderly and the sick who are prone to exercise injuries, unable to strengthen their own immune system through the absorption of far-infrared light waves of life.

Therefore, designing a product or fabric with long-lasting and high-intensity life-wave far-infrared rays is an important issue to solve this doubt. We found that Nano-silver and copper clusters can solve this problem. After contact with the human body, the human body temperature can heat the Nano-silver-copper materials to about 34 degree Celsius. Because silver and copper are high thermal conductivity materials, they can easily absorb heat directly from the environment and store them in Nano particles. Couples with the characteristics of silver and copper on the specific heat, the temperature changes of these two metals after absorbing heat will not be as obvious as other materials such as aluminum. Silver and copper nanoparticles are not easy to have a big temperature difference with the environment after absorbing heat, causing the loss of stored heat energy.

At the same time, silver and copper nanoparticles will resonate electromagnetic waves in the environment to release electromagnetic waves of similar wavelengths to release the inhaled heat energy. Imagine that we covered the surface of the human body with a textile material with silver and copper nanoparticles. The far-infrared rays of life light that are continuously released in the human body will heat the surface temperature of the human body to 34 degrees, and will be slowly released in the way of far-infrared rays of life light. The high-efficiency release mode (the electromagnetic wave is concentrated in the life light wave range of the resonance wavelength), so that the silver copper material can maintain the sufficient strength of the life light wave release for a long time, so that the body’s immune system can be optimally maintained.

The far-infrared rays of life light can increase the resonance of cells in the human body, generate friction, and generate heat. Together with blood circulation and metabolism, the sensitivity of the innate immune response can be increased, which can instantly ad effectively respond to the invasion of external viruses and reduce the abnormal acquired immune response, it also solves the risk of the decrease or disappearance of the number of T cells in the blood (especially obvious in severe ill patient with the new coronavirus). At the same time, because the silver-copper fabric provides sufficient energy for the far-infrared light wave of life, it can avoid the risk of injury and inflammation during various exercises. For the elderly and patients, it is the most effective way to strengthen the immune system.


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