The new coronavirus has caused a global pandemic,

why the human immune system has lost its function?

Behind vaccines and medical treatments, how do we use nanotechnology to defeat viruses?


Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection in later 2019, within a few months, it has caused a highly lethal global pandemic, and both rich countries and poor regions have not been spared. Scientists around the world have put aside their original research work, devoted themselves to the study of this virus, and proposed various solutions. At the same time, we also have an unprecedented understanding of how the new coronavirus infects the human body.

As the pandemic comes quickly and urgently, in order to immediately prevent the spread and harm of the virus, we have adopted the most direct and effective palliative measures, that is, the prevention of wearing masks and frequent hand washing and vaccination, as well as the development of treatments for the out-of-control immune system. Although prevention and treatments itself are the most important strategies to fight the virus, while we are busy searching for effective palliative treatments, very few people will think deeply about the fundamental cures and methods that take a long time to show their effects.

Before thinking about how to cure the fundamental cause, an important phenomenon we have observed is that the symptoms caused by the new coronavirus are extremely different for one another. Some people are completely asymptomatic, some people have a cough and fever, and some people caused fatal pneumonia. Why are there these differences? We can get a clear answer from the analysis of the operation of the human immune system after the invasion of the new coronavirus.


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