Why ACTife’s Antibacterial Technology Is Particularly Effective

*The Structure of Various Viruses

The structure of a virus is genetic material (RNA or DNA) covered by coat protein.

The external structure is divided into:

1. Viruses with envelope: such as the new coronavirus (RNA genetic material). Usually only survives a few days outside the body.

2. Viruses without an envelope: such as the norovirus, that causes gastroenteritis, as well as enterovirus, which is a pandemic in Taiwan almost every year. It usually survives on the surface of objects for several months and is not easily killed by 75% alcohol.

The new coronavirus has a fragile envelope, once it’s damaged, the particles will begin to degrade, making it an easy virus to kill.

The Transmission Route And Survival Time of Coronavirus

Coronavirus is transmitted through tiny droplets from talking, sneezing or coughing of an infected person, and stays on the surface of different substances for different times:

Copper surface, about 4 hours. Cardboard surface, about 24 hours. Plastic and stainless steel surface, about 48-72 hours.

In addition, accidental contact with excrement, or the transmission route of a virus that is coated in aerosol through various ways, both require high attention.

The new coronavirus that is coated by aerosol, which came from some clinical treatments, does not need to be attached to any surface to survive for up to three hours, even if it is suspended in the air.

The term “aerosol” refers to solid or liquid particles suspended in the gaseous medium, including all common substances in life such as dust, fog, smoke, PM2.5, fungal spores, droplets, and inhaled drugs for clinical treatment of respiratory diseases, etc., all belong to aerosols, and the particle size are different from the types and sources. Everyone will produce many visible or invisible particles in the process of breathing (quiet breathing and deep breathing), speaking, sneezing, and coughing, with a diameter ranging from 0.01 to 500 microns (μm,10-6 m). When the particle diameter is greater than 10 microns, it can sink to the ground due to gravity, which is called “dust fall”, and when the particle diameter is less than 10 microns, it can be suspended in the air, which is called “suspended particles”. Simply use the thickness of the hair to illustrate the concept of particle diameter. For example, the diameter of a 10-micron particle is about 1/7 of the diameter of a human hair, and a 2.5-micron particle is about 1/28 of the diameter of a human hair.

Understand The Droplets And Droplet Nuclei

When people talk, sneeze, or cough, they generate droplets of large particle size (greater than 5 microns). Generally speaking, the flying distance is about 1 meter (3 feet), when the droplets contain pathogens such as viruses, then close contact can increase the chance of human infection, which is called “droplet infection.” Therefore, for patients with respiratory tract infections, apart from wearing medical masks to avoid symptoms such as coughing from spreading pathogens to others, it is also recommended that patients keep a distance of at least 1 meter when talking with others, in order to reduce the risk of droplets infection. In addition, the large-particle droplets generated when people speak or sneeze will settle on the ground or the surface of objects, so correct hand washing procedures, frequent cleaning and disinfection of various surfaces (such as floors, desktops, equipment, toys, etc.), and proper food coverage can prevent droplet pollution. These are important living habits that people should develop.

How Does ACTife Epidemic Prevention Products Kill The Virus

Many people think that the coronavirus has the shortest lifetime on copper. But in fact, the virus survives for a shorter time on silver.

However, the surface of copper is a single copper atom, and the valence electrons of the copper atom (or for silver, in addition to the valence electrons, it also includes the silver ions, that appears after oxidation of the surface of the silver), will destroy the envelopes of bacteria and virus, so they won’t be able to survive. But after all, the effect is slower than the discharge rate and effect of ions, so it takes four hours for copper atoms to kill the new coronavirus. Even if we use silver ions that are commonly found in the market, it might be fast, but it is easy to gradually lose the effect due to the continuous precipitation of ions.

ACTife uses the difference in oxidation-reduction potential of silver and copper atoms, which not only greatly enhances the sterilization ability of the fabric surface through the distribution of the valence electron cloud on the surface of the silver and copper atoms, but also can use this physical antibacterial technology, that does not contain any chemical reactions, to greatly extended the antibacterial time of the materials, and it will not decline for a long time.

Also, it can kill all viruses without an envelope (such as enterovirus) within an hour, and the effect on another coronavirus (CoV-229E), which is similar in structure to the new coronavirus, is better (as shown in the picture). It is estimated that it will have a revolutionary effect of reducing the activity level of the new coronavirus.

At present, ACTife has cooperated with Taoyuan Hospital to run actual antiviral and antibacterial tests on 11 patients with new coronavirus or pulmonary tuberculosis. The results are expected to be published within this year, readers who are interested can also keep an eye on our test results.

▲ Virus Survival Depends On Temperature And Humidity

Image credit: businessinsider

Since Taiwan cannot find a laboratory for virus dynamic test at the moment, the virus dynamic test of the inner fabric of the mask is moved to the Fuda Testing Group, which belongs to Shanghai Fudan University.

The following is the virus dynamic test report of the inner fabric of the mask.

ACTife Launches The First Phase of Epidemic Prevention Products

At present, ACTife has launched small towels, face towels, exercise towels, bath towels, masks, mobile phone covers, tableware covers, gloves, socks, baby hats, air filters, water filters, etc. After that, various epidemic prevention products will be launched every month.

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