Covid-19 Super-spreading Incident, 
as well as Epidemic Prevention Strategy and Product Design

According to a report in Nature magazine, on December 5, 2020, the eve of traditional Belgian Christmas, residents of the Hemelrijck care home near Antwerp accepted a visit from Santa Claus. However, this holiday event aimed at spreading cheers has turned into a tragedy. Forty staff and more than 100 residents (of which at least 26 have died), the dressed up volunteers had tested and were infected by the coronavirus..... 



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Judgment of Far-infrared Materials and Material Efficiency

Atoms are the basis of matter. As long as the temperature of an object is above the absolute temperature, the atoms in it will vibrate under the influence of temperature (thermal energy), causing molecules (consisting of atoms) to vibrate in the same way, at the same time the maximum amplitude generated under certain specific modes is called resonance. In the case of resonance, the maximum energy is released, which is emitted to the outside in the form of electromagnetic waves.



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The Effect of Far Infrared Rays on Living Organisms

After cells receive far infrared rays, they can increase their resonance energy, promote cell activity (activate cells), further accelerate metabolism, contribute to cell proliferation and the synthesis of biochemical substances of various enzymes, catalyze the progress of biochemical reactions and improve the functioning of the immune system.

At the same time, after cells receive far infrared rays, they will increase their resistance to harmful substances (oxidative free radicals). Increase the antioxidant capacity of cells, and at the same time increase the life cycle of cells.


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Far Infrared Rays and Immune System Health

The life light wave (wavelength 6.14μm) in the far infrared is the electromagnetic wave that can be most received by the human skin thermoreceptors. Among them, the 9.3μm wavelength electromagnetic wave is the most responsive to the human body, and it is also the band with the highest absorption rate. In nature’s solar spectrum, visible light and infrared light account for 95% of the energy. Among them, the life light wave band has a relatively long wavelength and low heat, which is a non-thermal healthy light wave.



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