The new coronavirus has caused a global pandemic, why the human immune system has lost its function

Behind vaccines and medical treatments, how do we use nanotechnology to defeat viruses


Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection in later 2019, within a few months, it has caused a highly lethal global pandemic, and both rich countries and poor regions have not been spared. Scientists around the world have put aside their original research work, devoted themselves to the study of this virus, and proposed various solutions. 

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How does the new coronavirus deal with human immune system?

If we treat viruses as low-level organisms, thinking that they just invade the human body directly, and only fight face-to-face with immune cells, then we are really wrong. Mandy Hollywood science fiction movie plots will often become part of real life in the future in these movie plots, the viruses are mostly not low-level creature (in fact, it has no life at all), they have a variety of strategies, including deceiving the enemy to disguise, lure and encircle the enemy, find a favorable strategic for offense and defense, etc. In short, the new coronavirus has a set of strategies and tactics to fight against the human immune system. 

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How does the new coronavirus infect human body?

When we sort out these strategies and explain how the human body is infected by the new coronavirus, we will understand why human beings are so vulnerable when faced with the virus of this century.

Let’s look at how the new coronavirus infects the human body.

【The first step of infection – Camouflage】

First, the new coronavirus weakens itself into a “weakly antigenic” invader. The human immune system, when the new coronavirus invades, often treats these viruses as part of normal cells.....

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From the steps of the new coronavirus infection to illustrate the importance of immune system maintenance

Regarding the “abnormal response of the human immune system to the new coronavirus”, we can find some permanent cures to strengthen our immune system and avoid being harmed by the virus. Summarizing the ways in which the new coronavirus breaks through the defenses of the human immune system, we found that:

1. The innate non-specific immune system fails to detect the invasion of viruses early, causing the following phenomena:

  • As a result of delayed response, initial infections and later inflammatory storms and severe deaths were caused.
  • Overreaction of the neutrophil extracellular network (NET) produced by the neutrophil.

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